Meet the Band

Vehicle has been around for a long time. Some members of this band have been together for almost 20 years while some are as new as last year. The ever-evolving concepts that the Owner/Producer/Leader Larry Lafferty produces keep people coming back to see what he will create next. Our world-renowned artists have been in the business long enough that they are well trained in the art of high quality entertainment. Some of the groups former members have even gone on to perform on Broadway. Larry’s skillful ability to know what songs best fit what performer, a quality not many producers possess. Together this group creates music that entertains every age and keeps people on their feet. The musical passions of the band enable them to collaborate on all projects. Their generous hearts make it easy for them to donate a portion of all their proceeds from shows to the not for profit SPPD – Single Parents and People with Disabilities. This is a group that truly loves to entertain. Larry’s dream of producing high quality shows for all ages has come true with this group.

                                                                                           Vehicle the Band

Larry – Lead Vocals, ca-hone, Producer – Owner

Elaine – Lead Vocals – Small Percussions

Reed – Bass, Vocals, Band Director

Jim – Guitar, harmonica, mandolin, trombone, Vocals

Lila – Vocals

Chuck – Sax, Flute, Vocals

Rodger – Guitar , Vocals

Chris – Drums

Johnathan – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard

Hariette – Vocals

Whitney – Vocals

Kelli – Vocals – Operations Manager