About Us

Vehicle has been around for a long time. Some members of this band have been together for almost 20 years while some are as new as last year. The ever-evolving concepts that the Owner/Producer/Leader Larry Lafferty produces keep people coming back to see what he will create next. Our world-renowned artists have been in the business long enough that they are well trained in the art of high quality entertainment. Some of the groups former members have even gone on to perform on Broadway. Larry’s skillful ability to know what songs best fit what performer, a quality not many producers possess. Together this group creates music that entertains every age and keeps people on their feet. The musical passions of the band enable them to collaborate on all projects. Their generous hearts make it easy for them to donate a portion of all their proceeds from shows to the not for profit SPPD – Single Parents and People with Disabilities. This is a group that truly loves to entertain. Larry’s dream of producing high quality shows for all ages has come true with this group.

Larry Lafferty ( Lead Vocals, Congs) Larry hails from a musical family, which gave him the opportunity to preform with various artists at gospel concert, ranging from Bill Gaithers and the Imperials, to Petra, Phil Keaggy  and Amy Grant. At the age of 15, Larry preformed with a group named TW4 at local high schools. This group was founded by the panozza brothers, which later went on to star as the rock group, Styx. As much as he loves being the lead vocalist, or “frontman” for Vehicle, he loves singing harmonies and producing even more. Vehicle is a project from Larry’s heart, and he feels blessed to be working with the great musicians around him.

Reed Ellenberger ( Bass, Vocals) After 21 years as a Bassist, Arranger, and Composer for the United States Army Band, Reed has finally settled down in Colorado Springs with his wife and daughter. As a professional musician, he has been on tour in over 17 different countries, and preformed with such artists as Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin and many others.

James (JIM) Robertson ( Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica, Vocals) Jim is the “Renaissance Man” of the band, Vehicle , adding his talents on guitar, mandolin, harmonica, vocals and even Doboro! He also preforms with the New Century big band, and has been known to “sit in” with other bands around town. In addition to playing with the praise and worship band at his local church, in the small amount of spare time he has, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter.

Elaine Lafferty ( Lead Vocals, small percussion) Elaine has always loved to sing and dance. A native of San Diego, CA she has sung since the age of 5. She has sung in various genres of choirs throughout her educational career from elementary to college and church. While serving for 24 years in the military, she participated in the 2009 U.S. Army Soldier Show, and traveled throughout the U.S. and Korea, which gave her great joy to entertain for the Troops and their families. 

Lila Lafferty (Lead Vocals) Lila began singing at the tender youn age of 5 with her dad, Larry. She has sung in various choirs in school and at church and has been on several recordings. She is currently on the praise and worship team at her church in Colorado Springs. She is also the single mom of a vivacious 4 year old.

Chris Bates ( Drums) Chris comes form a musical family. His grandt=father and two older brothers were drummers and his father played the trumpet. He has been playing drums since he was 12 years old. He has previously been in a country band, jazz band and a rock band. he enjoys playing a wide variety of music which is why he loves being in the band, Vehicle.

Chuck Frazier (Horns, Vocals) Chuck’s mom and dad owned a juke box and pinball business, so he grew up surrounded by music. He began playing the saxophone in the 4th grade, and became the featured soloist immediately. After he returned to America from Vietnam, he met and began playing with a popular local recording band. Chuck had played professionally since the late 60’s, from coast to coast and a few foreign countries.

Rodger Drew (Guitar, Vocals) Born and raised on Oregon, playing the guitar was not so much a choice for Rodger, but rather more of a destiny. Inspired by his older brother, a drummer, Rodger was drawn to the electric guitar. He quickly began to pick up on the styles of the greats, such as Clapton, Page, and other big-name guitar heroes of the day. He joined his first band at 17, and has never stopped pursing his craft. He now also enjoys adding his musical, guitar, and vocal experience to Vehicle.

Johnathan Newey (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards) Jonathan Newey hails from Phoenix, Arizona, where he was recognized for his talents at a very early age. In elementary school he was regularly selected to sing solos in school performances and began playing piano. In junior high and all through high school he mastered multiple brass instruments, playing in the concert and marching bands. He also started to learn guitar and formed his own rock band at 15. During this time, he was also active in the music program at his church, where he frequently performed solos and as a member of his local choir. As an adult, he joined the military and while serving at several different duty stations, directed church choirs and musical productions, MC’ed and performed at military base activities, and won battle of the bands competitions in Germany and the US. His last year in the service he served with Army Entertainment as a performer and technician. After leaving the military, he pursued his master’s degree in music at Arizona State University. Upon completing that degree and teaching for a year as a high school choir teacher in Phoenix, he moved to Colorado Springs. He now teaches private voice lessons at Pikes Peak Community College and is very excited to be performing with Vehicle.

Harriett McClure Saide (Vocals) Harriette grew up near Nashville, Tennessee, where she graduated from Vanderbilt University and studied with the Nashville Ballet.  After moving to New York, she quickly began working in musical theatre and stage productions around the world (18 countries and counting…) as a singer, dancer, model and actress.  She has appeared in clubs, casinos, cruise ships, and theaters all over the globe – including Caesar’s Palace in Atlantic City & Las Vegas, the National Grand Theatre in Beijing, the Esplanade in Singapore, Disney Cruise Line and Tokyo Disneyland.  After living in Shanghai for 5 years, Harriette settled in Colorado Springs in 2016 to start a family.  Ask her about her Chinese cat.

Whitney Watson-Grant (Vocals) Whitney grew up in Montego Bay the capitol of the Parish St. James, Jamaica. Both of her parents are ministers, so she grew up as a church kid often singing with her mother and siblings at their local church. The influences of reggae, soca, calypso was all around her growing up. After 13 years her family left Jamaica to come to America where she is currently pursuing her degree at a local college here in Colorado Springs. Whitney’s background in music and her study of Therapeutic Music will certainly take her far. Her soulful vocals add a sound to Vehicle that helps set them apart from other bands around. We are proud to welcome her aboard.

Kelli DeCoronado (Operations & Marketing Director, Vocals) Since joining Amazing Entertainment as marketing director in 2016, Kelli has expended her love and knowledge of live music, She is currently under Vehicle’s guidance and has begun preforming back up vocals with an occasional lead performance. Kelli’s’ future with Amazing Entertainment and Vehicle looks bright as she continues to perfect her performances.