​                    ​​AmazingE! in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is an established event production company that provides quality entertainment for all types of event, such as private parties, corporate events, dinner theaters, weddings and festivals. With more than 45 years of experience in event planning, we know what it takes to organize five-star quality shows. Our expertise, connections, and staff are beyond compare. We give you what you ask for without taking shortcuts.

We are a business of people engaged in the production of shows, seeking to pursue truth, integrity, and honesty. We are committed to creatiing value for our customers, team members, and community. We believe in operating the business in a manner consistnet with God's Biblical principles.
- We strive to be a fainth-friendly company
- We strive to be moral, ethical and principled
- We strive to serve our customers with quality productions for a fair price
- We strive to be a business with diverse people but reserve the right to emply or serve who we choose based upon our interpritation of biblical principles.
- 20% of all profits go to support a Colorado not for profit, Single Parents, which is an organization founded in order to help single parents, people with disabilities and adult illiteracy.
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